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My ultimate goal in working with you is to give you the knowledge and understanding of how your body utilizes what you eat – how food directly affects how you feel, how you perform, and how you look. Food isn’t the only factor in optimum health though; it’s a huge chunk but it goes hand-in-hand with sleep, stress management, and movement/exercise. I approach health holistically because each person is different and deserves individual, special attention to determine what is right for them in all cornerstones of health.

I can help with:

Developing a better mind-body connection

Learning how to use food as medicine

Creating a positive relationship with your body

Addressing underlying causes of health issues e.g., digestive problems, skin conditions, hormonal imbalances, stress/anxiety

What you can expect:

Three, 1 hour phone calls or skype sessions per month (if local, in person meetings can be arranged)

Meal ideas, healthy cooking instructions, shopping tips, and food lists of what to eat and what not to eat (specific to your needs)

Resources – websites, blogs, and books

Motivational and emotional support

Lifestyle  adjustment tips


3 Month Package – (9 sessions) $120/month

6 Month Package – (18 sessions) $105/month

Individual Sessions – $45/hour  (Choose this if you are unsure that a package will fit your needs.  We can discuss your goals, what health coaching is all about, and what it’s like to work with me. If you book a package after an Individual Session, I will take $15 off the total package price.)

Wanna work with me? Have questions?

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This blog is for information and educational purposes only.  For medical advice, please consult your naturopath, holistic practitioner, or doctor.


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