Hi! I’m Jess. (Cue New Girl theme song…)

As you can tell from the blog name, I’m a mom. But I’m also a Holistic Health Counselor.

The purpose of this blog is really blended: personal and business.

I share bits of my life as a healthy mom (i.e., rants, funnies, and off-topic posts) AND I offer health coaching, which includes my services/pricing as well as loads of informative and educational posts.

Some of the information on this blog might be very new to you. I encourage you to keep an open mind while reading and skimming my posts. I do write in an animated way, trying to keep some things light, but I do address some serious and controversial topics. I don’t sugar-coat here but try to be respectful… even if the topic really FIRES me up! You get the real deal. I firmly believe the health and food industry has a good bit of corruption so I share that frustration on occasion. Not a conspiracy-theorist; just seeking truth without some financial agenda.

Most importantly:  I realize (and expect!) others feel differently about some of the topics on this blog. It’s cool… respect is a two-way street.

What are my quals?

I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Health & Wellness/Nutrition that I worked my tail off to earn. Yay for student loans!  I’m also considering some other certs but haven’t decided on what quite yet. It’s hard sometimes to believe having another expensive piece of paper saying I know what I know really means anything. Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like that…

Most of my formal education focused on the mainstream, conventional health advice that is, in my opinion, a load of garbage. Ya know, the whole ‘my food pyramid/my plate’ junk that has people completely befuddled on what is actually nourishing?

Yeah… That mess. Major eyeroll.

I did, however, also learn about alternative medicine, holistic health, and food politics which really opened my eyes (more like, monumental awakening) to the entire wellness realm. I took all those amazing, glistening, golden bits of information and turned my health around! Most of the knowledge I utilize today isn’t so much from formal education as it is all personal research and experience. I read a ridiculous amount of health info from several different mediums: articles, books, studies, journals, health blogs etc. I also listen to podcasts and watch youtube videos shared by the experts. I follow said experts on all social media platforms so I have a constant flow of health info everyday. I adore it! It is my passion.

Why am I such a “health freak”?

My interest in health & wellness came about when I had to work through my own health issues; most discovered in retrospect. I honestly do not know where I would be today if I hadn’t taken action and responsibility for my issues. I can only imagine that I’d be on a long list of meds, a grumpy/irritable mess feeling absolutely horrid with zero energy or self-esteem, and only want to be in the comfort and safety of my bed. Basically, just barely surviving and that’s certainly not living or thriving.  Read my health story.

Since having my son, I have become adamant about making sure his health is in tip-top shape so he can enjoy his little life and hopefully avoid some of the health struggles I have had to battle. My biggest goal for him is to grow into a healthy adult who is well armed with information to make the best, educated choices for himself. I wont pretend that it’s the easiest part of being a parent (especially in today’s processed and convenience-food world) which is why I came up with the blog title:  Mommawithacape.

We, mommas, are all super moms.  We all have that invisible cape.

Whether we have 1 kid or a whole baseball team, work full-time or stay home, are married or single… you get the idea. We all have to consider our babies well-being in all areas because that is what mommies do. It’s a ’round the clock  job no matter what else is going on. No matter what other title we have for ourselves in this life; ‘Mom’ is one of the most important and permanent ones.

So, click around. Check stuff out. Leave some love (haters/trolls can roll on out, kthanks). Share your health journeys. We’re in this together!

Thank you SO much for reading!






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  1. Suzanne P. on 5 December, 2014 at 4:42 pm said:

    Hi! I enjoyed meeting you today! I think what you are doing is great and I pray you keep going. There will always be struggles that will make us all grow as individuals, but I believe those of us with “stories” to tell, should certainly share them! When it comes to our children, we can never do enough and WE must be their best advocate (that’s where the cape comes in).

    PS) you (and I) are not “Health Freaks” in that sense of the term.. and we are not alone. I meet people daily trying to get what’s best for THEM into their bodies. I feel for those who don’t even try. Bye Bye meds for many and hopefully more and more will discover….

    Blessings & Best Health,


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