The End of 2013

So, I haven’t been blogging NEARLY as much as I thought I would.  (For instance, here I am posting my 2013 wrap up at the end of January 2014!!!)  I have lots of drafts but have abandoned the ideas… for a few reasons:

1. I battle with myself about what is offensive.  People get up in arms about nutrition (which I understand) but I’m just SO over everyone getting offended and starting arguments about it.  Here’s the thing… YOU are responsible for YOU (and your kids).  Learn something.  I can confidently say that most, if not all, nutrition bloggers and professionals are not writing just to piss you off.  They are writing to inform, HELP, and motivate (with no sugar-coated BS).  So… if you are insecure about choices you have made or still make, that is on YOU… not the writer.  Sometimes the truth is hard to face.

2. Life gets in the way.  Lots of things have been going on in my personal life and I just haven’t made time for writing.  When I should… because this is my passion.

3. Being lazy doing all the research for specific posts.  Posts take lots of effort… especially if I’m spewing some scientific facts.  I gotta have some back up and I just don’t feel like writing research papers all the time.  *Shrug*  Horrible, I know,  but I’m being honest.

4. I don’t want to sacrifice my health to blog all the time.  In order to write how I want (because I work a full-time job), I’d have to stay up late and stare at the computer screen even more and neither of those things are good for me.  I write about health; wouldn’t I be a hypocrite to jeopardize my health in order to write about it?  Lol.  Yeah.  #healthbloggerproblems  Totally hashtagged in mah blog.  

What am I gonna do about these issues?

I’m gonna get over them. I’m OVER worrying about offending people, being lazy with references, and worrying about how working on my passion will affect my health (lack of sleep thing) because NOT working on my passion is affecting my health.  My mental chatterbox is constantly going off… “You should blog today.”  “You haven’t written in awhile.  A LONG while!”  “Ohhh, that’s a good topic!” “Look at so-and-so blogging away!” “Get with it!  Just stop and write – who cares what people think!”  That nagging is stressful and stress is no good.

My biggest struggle will certainly be handling the backlash I might get (’cause I am a sensitive soul).  Discussions are fine but people can be SO cruel… especially behind a screen.  There is no place for it here. If ya don’t like what I have to say, if it makes steam come outta your ears, if you think holistic care is a crock of crap and snake oil mumbo-jumbo, or if you come here to troll and start fires… then scram!  You are not wanted here.



So, I guess what I’m saying is…  Get ready.  I’m making a promise to myself that I will be better at this.





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