Skintervention: Before & After

I have written a few posts about acne and skincare and now I am FINALLY posting a before and after pic! I have struggled with acne for many years.  It would come and go but after my pregnancy was the absolute worst.  I had bumps all over my face, some on my neck, my shoulders and upper back, and chest.

Since changing my lifestyle, I have seen HUGE improvements.  You can read about everything I have done here and here.

Why is this important to me?  Because I have tried it all: proactive, murad, cetaphil, clean n’ clear, MD Formulations (by bare minerals/essentials), facials, dermatologist… everything.  NOTHING worked like oil cleansing and healing my gut!  I still have some work to do but I am so very happy with the progress.

I ALWAYS had an inkling that my acne was not something some face wash or cream could fix.  It never seemed superficial… always something deeper.  Stress and poor diet wreak havoc on your skin mainly because it wreaks havoc on your gut.  Your gut and skin are intimately connected.

Here is my skin about 3 years ago…


And this is my face today (er, well took this last week)…


In the top pic, I have lots of makeup on trying to cover the bumps.  You can still see them and all the unevenness.

The second pic I have on very little mineral powder just in my “T-zone” with a little blush and mascara.  That’s it!  I still have a couple bumps on my chin and between my eyebrows which tells me I still have work to do.

Do you struggle with acne?  Have you adjusted your diet/lifestyle in order to heal your skin?

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